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Welcome to the demonstration store.

We have created this store using a live catalogue of over 3000 furniture items including complex variants and many similar alternative items. We have trained AMO to deliver various different approaches as examples of how methods can be combined to achieve a specific objective.

Catalogue area

Selling approach used and general comments

Training effort

AMO starter questions We define these three questions to gain a broad understanding of needs or preferences, the scale of purchase and the catalogue areas of interest. The answers can be applied consistently across a session or collected product by product. Low
Desks There are 12 ranges of desks, with 156 products giving 1863 variants of length, depth and finish. Using the starter questions we vary the entry point to the dialogue, and ultimately advise the purchase of a single product or small handful. Incorporates sale closing dialogue and transfer to basket feature. Medium
Seats Similar in operation to desks, we address preference first and then ask only the required questions to separate products in the category to reach a recommendation. Vague preferences such as 'Good value office chair' are acknowledged and responded to. Incorporates sale closing dialogue and transfer to basket feature. Medium
Storage In training
Screens AMO is trained to act as a concierge and show the various options whilst displaying the relevant pages in the e-commerce system from which the user can select and buy the correct variant. We also facilitate the bespoke option on a 'call me back' basis for person to person specification. Low
Accessories In training
Boardroom table

A high value purchase unfamiliar to most. Selection of the most suitable product requires inputs in several areas each of which may be competing or complementary to others: the required number of places, the room size, table shape, seating preference, personal space and circulation area. The software carries out complex and precise calculations without the need to simplify or approximate. 

As this purchase is often high profile, understanding the options, entering preferences, experimenting with different priorities build confidence with the buyer that the best choice is being made and increase willingness to order.

Once the first phase in complete, viable catalogue products are identified (or call back option for a bespoke table) with optimal configuration in terms of range and section sizes calculated eg a 5m table configured as 2m:1m:2m sections not as 5x1m. The final step is choice of finish/colour/leg options. A full parts list is prepared and posted to the basket ready for order and installation.

Meeting & conference In training
Bistro Bisto is a simple product range best chosen visually and AMO acts as a concierge to ease selection displaying product pages and tutoring the user on available filters and searches. Low
Reception In training

Try out for yourself and let us know what you think.

AMO delivers influence at the point of purchase, actively selling products online. Training investment is low compared with alternative options: both time and money. AMO works in conjunction with existing e-commerce facilities and product data.