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About us


We offer a method of getting sales engagement online.

Sell just like you would face to face or on the phone.

We are different from our competitors because:

  1. We provide AI software that engages and sells directly to customers
  2. Our solution needs low investment and can be live fast.
Whats more...
  • We take a sales approach: uncovering and then meeting customer needs by Q&A.
  • We use a conversational platform: something akin to livechat but fast and accurate. Its also persistent: you dont have to 'start again' if the conversation is broken.
  • AMO is quick to deploy because it can be put in place over existing sites, and it can rapidly absorb and use existing knowledge. It doesnt need people to hold conversations.

We are great at doing this because:

  • AMO meets the customer expectation from the dialogue in terms of scope, accuracy and experience: If you like we know enough, well enough and deliver it quick enough.
  • We are skilled in getting customer engagement: we have developed tools and expertise to get people talking rather than self-serving
  • We can not only use structured IP, but we can help you develop this from your people and data.

What we offer is:

  • AMO: a cloud solution rapidly deployed onto existing e-commerce platforms without requiring integration or other heavy code development
  • The AMO trainer: codeless development of conversations and responses backed by a library of example chat elements to re-use
  • AMO discovery: our web based tool to help capture knowledge and experience in the heads of sales people and customer service staff that is not written down already
  • Professional services to help you put it all together
  • AMO professional to help draw in unstructured information from catalogues and supplier sources plus keep an eye on competitors for pricing etc, all to be used in the customer: AMO dialogue.